Fourka is a place that combines various opposites perfectly fitted in a beautiful environment. It is a place where is possible to find both engaging nightlife and tranquility, which make Fourka one of a kind destination for an unforgettable vacation.

To reach Fourka you need to pass a pine forest that surrounds the resort area, which makes a perfect complement to extraordinary blue waters of crystal clear sea. Fourka beach (blue flag award), or Skala Fourkas, is 2,5 kilometers long, quite spacious and never crowded. Being located on the western coast of Kassandra, you can enjoy the marvelous sunsets that color the sky in red, orange and purple hues.

While the coastline is dotted with hotels and beach bars, two-kilometer distant Fourka village is a tranquil place, featuring traditional architecture with stone houses and small churches. The village is encircled by pine trees, olive groves, beautified by many other types of trees and flowers. Here, you can find traditional taverns, bars and restaurants.

Some of the most important summertime holidays and fairs in Fourka are Saint Marina (July 17th), Prophet Ilia (July 20th) and Saint Paraskevi (July 26th), when Fourka makes especially lively place that is certainly worth to be visited. There is also a very active cultural association in Fourka, which organizes various events during summer for adults and children. Each year a different event takes place, and 80s music and honey harvesting are just a few examples.

Everyone spending time in Fourka will find that the place is very hospitable, providing a pleasant sojourn in a modern environment. Fourka doesn’t lack historical attractions. St. Ioannis Temple shelters certain findings from the Byzantine era, whilst various chapels are an outstanding reminder of the settlement’s historical origins. Fourka is also the birthplace of Xenofon Paionidis, a famous architect whose most significant imprints can be found in Thessaloniki.



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