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In and around the Kassandrino village you won’t get much of swimming, but you can make up for it with hiking in its wooded surroundings. Kassandrino is located in the mainland of Kassandra, deriving its name from nearby Kassandreia, from where the sheepherders withdrew for the winter.

Kassandrino is a very small village, with around 250 residents, which boasts its share of archaeological findings. The Trinity Church, an ancient catacomb, features exceptional wall paintings and frescoes, dating from the Byzantine era. The main Assumption church, made of local stone, is devoted to St. Mary, which is celebrated on August 15th. If you take a walk to the southeast of the village, through the landscape consisting of centennial pine trees, you’ll find a beautiful Saint George church, a focal point of the fair taking place on April 23rd.

The Kassandrino village features all necessary facilities – supermarkets, taverns, bars, even a cultural center – so don’t worry that you’ll lack something. Make sure to visit the village’s taverns where you can enjoy some delicious meals. As for the local products, residents of Kassandrino produce honey and oil of the utmost quality.

As implied above, Kassandrino is surrounded by the pine forest and is sheltered from the wind, providing the mild climate. You can find plentiful routes throughout this sea of greenery, and if you are feeling up to it, you can access the neighboring Mola Kaliva beach through some of them. The beach is especially appreciated by those willing to be on their own in a beautiful landscape.



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