Hanioti is another popular resort area of the Kassandra peninsula, whose name is a synonym for both a peaceful vacation and nightly entertainment. Located between Polichrono and Pefkohori, Hanioti combines rich tourist infrastructure and beautiful nature, which makes it a place any traveler will be satisfied with.

Hanioti is a picturesque settlement, underneath the hills abounding with conifer trees and a long beach, which makes it one of the most beautiful resort areas of Kassandra. The beach features both pebble and sand, with nicely manicured park next to it. Active people can enjoy various water sports in the turquoise waters. Mediterranean flora is ever present in and around Hanioti.

You can find all types of accommodation in Hanioti, both hotels and private apartments. A good drop and a nice meal can be enjoyed in its numerous modern bars and traditional taverns, while dance clubs are in charge of the entertainment for all ages. The center of Hanioti abounds with various stores, among which boutiques and souvenir shops are prevalent. Although Hanioti isn’t as small as it might appear, you’ll surely enjoy the walk along its streets or the beach.

Other assets Hanioti can offer to its visitors are outstandingly hospitable hosts, which are very forthcoming and warm people. Its name, Hanioti (Chanioti) owns to the migrants from Hania (Crete) who settled the area in the past.



63077 Κασσάνδρεια
Tel. 2374 350100
Fax 2374 350101