Kalandra village is known as a place where various cultural and entertaining manifestations take place throughout the year. Some of these are dancing performances, theatrical performances and various exhibitions, to mention a few. Kalandra also features a couple of religious structures from different periods, and has a close proximity to an exceptional Posidi beach. Kalandra is located to the south of Skala Fourkas, at the west side of Kassandra.

Just outside this traditional village is the Virgin Mary church, built in 1619, representing the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Another interesting church – Assumption – was erected in 1900, and it is the focal point for a fair honoring the Virgin, which is widely attended. The Temple of Poseidon, the third religious structure, is somewhat farther – on the Posidi beach – and is the oldest temple dedicated to this Greek deity. Also, if you put some effort, you can visit remains of an ancient Mendi settlement.

You can book an accommodation in this interesting village, and your hospitable hosts will make sure you take only good memories from your vacation.

The nearby Posidi beach is an excellent choice for all those seeking solitude; its longitude sees to it. A touch of romance is provided by a 19th century lighthouse with a small garden. Next to the lighthouse, a charming beach named Aegeopelagitika is located. This long beach, with its golden sand and clear waters, is truly must-see.

Posidi village developed from a fishing village into a modern resort. In both Posidi and Kalandra you can find traditional taverns, seafood restaurants, entertaining facilities, and more. The main products of this region are high quality, and you certainly should taste local honey, oil, cereals and corn.



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