Nea Fokea

Nea Fokea is a constantly developing settlement on the eastern shore of Kassandra, where night owls can find night clubs, history buffs historic attractions, and nature lovers beautiful beach with clear waters, and pine trees stretching to the edge of the water. If you are after a convenient place for a family vacation, Nea Fokea won’t let you down.

Nea Fokea is dotted with fish taverns, restaurants and traditional bars. It isn’t even impossible to buy fresh fish directly from the fishing boat. As for its beautiful beach, there are sun beds and parasols to rent if you have forgotten yours. If you happen to have your personal boat or sailing boat, you can dock it in the nearby port. Luxurious hotels, rooms for rent and other accommodation facilities can also be found in Nea Fokea. Nightlife enthusiasts can enjoy engaging night clubs where live music creates the great atmosphere.

At the entrance of the village you can see the St. Paul Church, where an annual fair takes place on June 29th and 30th, honoring apostles Paul and Peter. You can’t say that you visited Nea Fokea without discovering St. Paul’s passage, featuring underground rooms, passages and holy waters. According to a legend, the apostle Paul went into the passage inside the rocks to hide from his Roman prosecutors.

Finally, the Byzantine Tower overseeing the entrance into the port is another exceptional site to visit. The tower is the focal point for various summertime cultural events, most of which relate to the famous Kassandra Festival.



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