Located at the south of Kassandra, Paliouri is a traditional village in the midst of the verdant surrounding area. Although it isn’t a coastal settlement, it makes an excellent base for all those who don’t mind a short walk to one of the most beautiful beaches of Kassandra.

The imprints of the 19th century architecture are prevalent throughout the village, and the promenade through its narrow alleyways during the afternoon hours makes an experience truly exceptional. In and around the settlement you can find a camp, spa centers, hotels and interesting taverns, serving nicely prepared specialties, based on meat and fresh fish. The region is famous for its olive oil and honey production, which is of high quality.

Surrounded by wooded hills of the pine forest, Paliouri makes an excellent base for hiking activities. Around two kilometers to the southeast direction you can find the marvelous Chrouso beach. Its name, meaning “Golden coast”, explains everything. The combination of the golden sand, blue waters and the neighboring greenery is incredible, to put it mildly. Besides enjoying the incredible nature and inviting waters, Chrouso beach gives you the opportunity to benefit from the water sport and ground sport activities, such as beach volley.

Party enthusiasts would be delighted with various parties taking place in the beach bars, but if you would like to be on your own, there are a couple of secluded beaches in the half-hidden coves around Paliouri.



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