Spa Tourism/Thermal Spa Agia Paraskevi

Thermal Spa Agia Paraskevi

According to Mineralogy Institute in Freiburg in Germany the water is middle warm CI Na-K Br Hs-B As-CO2, mineral and Supertonic and the normal water temperature is about 37,5-39 degrees of Celsius.

Many visitors go to Spa and you will have the opportunity to make one visit or you can follow a therapeutic program.

If you want to mix vacations with medicine you can choose Spa in Agia Paraskevi.

This Spa is well known for its infrequent therapeutic attributes. With swimming-pools, saunas, hamam, hydromasaz, it offers treatments in many diseases. More specifically the water is therapeutic for bones and articulation diseases, dermal diseases, gynecological and urological diseases.



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