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Scuba Diving

Mitilini shipwreck

In Kassandra’s peninsula you will find this shipwreck. It is an old, German motorship, which was dated in 1941. This ship used to bring oil, wine and cereals from Thessaloniki to Mitilini. In 1961 the ship was sunk after it was hit in a reef during a storm. The ship was full of wine bottles which lay there till today.

You will find it in 20 meters depth. It is a 40 meters long ship and today is a shelter for many kinds of fish.

Koursaros Bay in Paliouri

If you are in Kassandra’s peninsula this Bay is ideal for diving. The depth reaches 33 meters and the sea bottom has a rare natural beauty.

Porto Valitsa, Paliouri Bay

Diving in 30 meters depth, you can admire steep rocks, octopus’, fish and oyster’s shelters.



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