8th Posidonia 2017
27/8/2017 09:30

International Sea Swim Race, Paliouri gulf, Chalkidiki 27/08/2017

The 8th International Sea Swim Race in the Paliouri Gulf, Chalkidiki, is organized by the the Athletic department of Municipality of Kassandra is to be held on Sunday the 27th of August 2017 .

Ages from 13 years old and above can participate, provided that they sign the application and the health declaration document. (Individuals under 18 and kids must provide a permission document signed by their legal guardian!).

An ambulance, a doctor and the necessary accompanying boats will be present during the race.

Registration, briefing, warm up 08.00 at the establishment of the camping of Ε.Τ.Α..


  • 400m.
  • 1500m.
  • 3500m.

Age Groups

  • 12 and under
  • 50-69
  • 13-49
  • 70 and above


Till the 25-08-2017 by email at swimtechniq@gmail.com or marathonswim@marathonswim.gr, or under attendance of Mr. Papadopoulos Anastasios

Deadline: 25 August 2017

Hosting: No hosting will be provided and escorts to the athletes are not required.

A small buffet and awarding ceremony for all participants will follow the finish of the race.

Important: Only participants 70 and above can use flippers, mask or snorkel. All results will be officially announced at the web page www.marathonswim.gr.

For any other info or question please call +30 6944452071 , of Mr. Papadopoulos Anastasios



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